Hope Lutheran Church

Children's registrations

North Campus: 2900 Broadway N
South Campus: 3636 25th St S
West Campus: Liberty Middle School, 801 36th Ave E, West Fargo

Kids' Night Out registration can be found at the top of this list for North & South Campuses.

VBX registration & fall Hopekids registration opens April 1, 2020!

North Hopekids Sun 11:00am

North Hopekids Sun 9:45am

North Hopekids Wed 6:00pm

North Tots Sun 11:00am

North Tots Sun 9:45am

North Tots Wed 6:00pm

South Hopekids Sun 11:00am

South Hopekids Sun 9:30am

South Hopekids Wed 6:00pm

South Tots Sun 11:00am

South Tots Sun 9:30am

South Tots Wed 6:00pm

West Hopekids Sun 10:30am

West Tots Sun 10:30am

West Tots Sun 9:30am

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