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Sermon Series Small Groups

Sermon Series Small Groups Join a small group focusing on the the current sermon series " Thy  Kingdom Come".  We have many small groups that would welcome you! Groups are meeting in person, if you are comfortable with that, but we also offer several groups that are meeting online through Zoom.  There are several options you can choose from.  We would love to have you join us! The options are below, click next to enroll.
Mon 6:30am Men Only (Silbernagel)
Mon 5:30pm All Adults (Diana Wagner)
Mon 6:30pm All Adults (Laura Langemo)
Mon 8pm All Adults(Kelly Bischof)

Tues 12pm All Adults (Terri Abbott)
Tues 5pm Women Only (Pam Benson)
Tues 7pm All Adults (O'Callaghans)
Tues 7pm All Adults (Amy Bush)
Tues 7:30pm Young Adults (Wallace)

Wed 7am
Men Only (Pastor Mike)
Wed 12pm Men Only (Pastor Mike)

Thurs 2:30pm
All Adults (Foss/Schnell/Messelt)
Thurs 3:30pm All Adults (Schjeldrup/Pepsin)
Thurs 4pm Women Only (Siegle-Aamodt)
Thurs 6:30pm All Adults (Becky Barrus)

Sun 11am
All Adults (Kristi Johnson)
Sun 12:30pm Young Adults (Perkinsons)
Sun 4pm All Adults (Scovilles)
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11/29/2020 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Dawn Streifel
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