Hope Lutheran Church

I need to update or change a registration I submitted.

  1. Make sure you are logged in so you are connected with the registrations you have submitted.
  2. Click the My Registrations button which is found at the bottom of the phone screen and at the right on a computer screen.
  3. Click the Registration Details button below the registration you would like to edit. Note: only active registrations are available in your list. If a registration has closed, please contact middleschool@fargohope.org for further help.
  4. Click Continue to review and then Submit.

My registration will not complete and continue to submit.

  1. Look to see if all required fields have been filled in. Forms will submit when all required fields have been answered. Required fields are bolded on the form.
  2. Use your own internet connection at home or through your cell phone service. Submitting a form while at work or using a work internet connection will likely fail as workplaces often block unknown domains.
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