Hope Lutheran Church

Registration for MSM [Guardrails] Retreat

* Confirmation students are expected to attend one Guardrails Retreat during their 4 years in Confirmation.

* Many students return year after year! Students may bring friends not enrolled in Confirmation, however they must be in grades 6-9, and their parents must login to register them for the retreat.


~ If using earned fundraising, enter FUND in the discount code box at end of registration

~ The student is the first person listed on the registration. Separate registration forms will be generated for each child. Register up to 4 students at a time.

~ The Alternate Contact is a non-parent/guardian who can be contacted if parent/guardian is unreachable. DO NOT LIST YOURSELF. Parents/guardians will always be contacted first in an emergency.

~ If you do not receive the payment confirmation email, your registration did not process and did not save.

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